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Arts, Media, & Entertainment Ministries Directory offers Christians who are in the arts and entertainment spheres the opportunity to come together to network, support and encourage each other.

The site is open to all those who subscribe to the Lausanne Covenant and the Cape Town Commitment. That is, it is open to those people deeply involved in the arts and entertainment cultural activities on a professional basis, who understand the Great Commission, and desire to fulfill the same through the gifts and talents they’ve been given.

Please feel free to join with us and list your ministry or mission. To do so, please sign the Lausanne Covenant and Cape Town Commitment electronically by going HERE.


Please feel free to join with us and list your ministry or mission. To do so, please sign the Lausanne Covenant and Cape Town Commitment electronically by going HERE. Joining this directory allows you to get your ministry seen all over the world as a preeminent Arts, Media, & Entertainment Ministry. This directory is meant as a one-stop shop for Christians to be able to find out how to pray, support, and/or work with ministries that are changing culture. If you hold to the Lausanne Covenant, this is open to your ministry! If you want to join, contact us HERE.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.



Movie reviews from a Christian perspective

168 Hour Film Project


The 168 Hour Film Project is a production competition where films are created simultaneously during production week to premiere at the 168 Hour Film Festival.


Act One, Inc.

Comprehensive training and mentorship to form the next generation of Christian artists and professionals.

Actors Co-op

Professional theatre company located on the grounds of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.

Beacon, The

Bel Air Presbyterian


The Beacon is Bel Air Presbyterian Church's ministry for Christians in entertainment and the arts.


Biola Media Conference


The Biola Media Conference exists to educate, encourage, and support people of faith involved or interested in media.


Brand New Images, Inc.

Transforming Lives!

Our work in arts and entertainment media involves the production of "good news" television specials, films, and docudramas in the Himalayas.

Bridge Entertainment Fellowship, The


The emphasis of The Bridge is on the group praying, dialoging with each other, and building community. It is best described as a spiritual and relational oasis where the industry professional can come for spiritual refreshment and develop meaningful relationships. Open to all who consider the Entertainment Industry their career/mission field, no matter what area of the business or what degree of experience.


Christian Comedy Association

Community of Christian comedians and performers using humor to honor God.

Christian Film & Television Commission

The Christian Film & Television Commission ministry is a non-profit organization dedicated to redeeming the values of the mass media of entertainment.

Judi The Manners Lady

Entertainment with a Purpose

Judi The Manners Lady, one of North America’s top family entertainers and singers, is on a mission—to inspire and equip the next generation to live with character and respect!  Her goal?  Stronger families.  Stronger Communities.  Happy Families.  Happy Communities, as she fights crime, gang, bullying and incivility—with good manners!  Judi’s exciting music and powerful Manners Club Character Kit are transforming children and families around the world!


The Whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World


The Lausanne Website allows leaders to access current and historical information on global evangelization, learn about national, regional and international gatherings on evangelization and share theological and practical studies and research.


Los Angeles Film Studies Center


Off-campus study program of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities which exists to introduce students to the work and workings of Hollywood and to prepare them to serve with professional skill and Christian integrity in the film industry.


Media Fellowship International

Media Fellowship International (MFI) is a Christian ministry that works primarily with leaders in the professional entertainment and media industries. MFI provides a peer group atmosphere in which members can confidentially share their concerns and experiences, talk about Christ, pray with each other and study the Bible together.

Open Call

Open Call, Catholic-based and open to everyone, offers entertainment and communication professionals opportunities to gather for mutual support and spiritual growth.